Sure I like my own sincere writing. Anna is a friend and not involved other than good friendship. I think she knows that I am looking for a lady for the rest of my life. I am 62 years of age and am working on a second doctorate presentation and that is in addition to putting health first while my primary plan is to meet a lady that I may love more than anything or place in life while it happened once 30 years ago and I want to be with someone in love the rest of my life. I can say that at 62 knowing full responsilbilities without complaint for 23 years as a public sole proprietor attorney at law, then having a stroke of a pulmonary nature that passed in a 14 month period then I was saved by education because of my sister and her husband who worked for Ohio University and me was recruited and so happy as I bought into the community and the university on an equal level where I see that intersection of community and university being the very best of a way to live in a beautiful community that has responsible county officials and I feel safe and content yet not what I am praying for and that is a lady which is someone that you cannot push and go out seek and find. It does work for me that way because I can tell how a woman reacts and I will react accordingly. It has to be in person and none of the naughty talks is necessary with me. I go with the intellect and love a good-hearted person while realizing I often play the photographer that choose the best human photos for sake of respect, history, art, and glamorous fun for humans to not be ashamed of or think it is any form of pornography as that is nonsense. Women were the first to be sculpted, painted and glorified in Latin, Greek, and the Far East yet I will not debate Ani DiFranco as I agree with her and love her music which is something very powerful. Yet her cheerful and optimistic attitude is one of a protagonist who never gives up and I will prove my love when we meet and get to know each other over a period of time. I live and hope to work here in Athens County, Ohio when all is well and I look forward to that time. In the meantime, I’m not looking but welcoming ladies who are to ask me because I have let it be known that it’s a challenge but well worth it in life. I want to live with a woman who loves me and the details about how and where is not significant but finding a truthful person to their own heartfelt desires might fall in line with mine and although nothing is guaranteed you can bank on doing nothing will get you nothing. I want mutual respect and truth among us and most people do yet it is something that will bring us together so please feel free if you like the sound of a 62-year-old single man since 1998, no pets or children, only school is in my mind but what is most important is giving as much love to a woman that who wants all I can do to hopefully make her feel naturally that way without gifts and money being the key. I did all that decades ago and it ended in a fool’s golden paradise. Now, and not because of age but because of experience with people all my life where I can feel a confidence in ladies who are around me and feel so good when I know the truth is when I tell her I love her and that is forever while we know things happen but I will not go on a path of living with a lady unless she feels and shows the same I intend to do. Thanks for anyone who might consider this idea and I love the ideals of peace paralleling how to love each other and get along for a beautiful lifetime. That is how I sincerely believe and never telling another woman or anyone what to think while I keep the open-mindedness as it allows so much better opportunity for life-affirming actions to come back to me now that I have but one matter that is an orthopedic deal and it has nothing to do with the love I want and respect in a woman who has that body that gives birth to life and I am not a government or religion disciplinarian but a lover of all forms and types of people without any breath of prejudice among us. That is a humanitarian approach to asking for someone’s consideration in falling in love while it is a challenge but not when you feel it as I do know one time in 62 years when I knew my life was entirely about hers and I want it again while now, it’s a different era of age and that is something a lady must consider as well as my station in life is something to discuss privately because everyone you know or wants something from you will be watching. Loving a LADY FOR THE REST OF MY life sounds great and is an inspiration to read or think this man is serious but you have to go it instead of talking about in order to find out. I appreciate you for reading. as it is like. Sincerity is here and not loneliness or depressed moods but wanting the joy and love of a partner or wife and that will depend on both of us. With all the sincerity I can muster at this time while one is nothing but grateful although they have difficulties it is so easy to work out when you love the one you are with and when you are not with her, you want to be. That is good for me and I hope for her, as well. Truly, Kevin Michael Callihan of Athens, Ohio!

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Long days and pleasant evenings with the best of health Anna for you, your family and loved ones, always, and with sincerity while being a loving recipient of what you have accomplished in your lifetime inspires me to write and to do a better job at being a better person each and each night that I hope has a lady enter into my life soon. I have been alone for 19 years and that was due to many operations on my legs and much work to do in pain within the requirements of a university that I owe my life to in many ways due to many good professors. I came respecting public administration because my family members made an honorable career within the institutions of higher education.

I had a situational crisis in 1994 that was noncontributory in a health event that was complicated and by objective analysis that…

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