Kevin Michael Callihan, Sr. and YouTube and Facebook, connect! As well, with G+!

Am happy to be writing again for Windows Live. Years ago, when graduate work came after ending a first chosen career in January of 2001, the executive master program in public administration allowed many ideas that were relevant to higher education were discussed online. Windows Live was a significant contributor because of people who chose to express their interests in news and politics that tied a respect that is perpetual in nature for professional musicians that I have followed for a lifetime of an adult son and daughter who chose music as their higher education degrees and careers. They certainly have stayed independent and I am glad. They needed to learn on their own what responsibility involved when finishing school and actually going to work! I am proud of them and what they did on their own without anything but their own abilities providing opportunities. It had nothing to do with money or name-dropping which is common in music but not in the type of music our children chose. It is hard to stop calling your adult children your kids and all it does is make one realize how you are advancing in age with dignity and a continued sense of humor.  Good for those of us who do that and leave their ‘kids’ alone as they certainly do leave you alone until and unless something essential is needed. The worst part of any family is when crises happen and you see the worst or the best come out in your own family and not your adult siblings. I know from personal experience how that has proven to be true. Thank you, for showing up in my news feed on Facebook. That made my day and allowed for more information and posts/pictures, to be shared with certain others because my channel on YouTube is primary as music is best due to not being a ‘debating society’ category where ill will and mean-spirited words get by the monitors with such a growing membership of social communication online. It is no different than the former chosen profession of law as all sites have their terms of use and many ways to address problems that we call recourse and intended clarifications in order to do no harm to yourself or your family members who wish to live apart. It is sometimes hard to get used to but not so hard when you know the true reasons why your family is not connected and there is that solid knowledge of knowing it is a waste of one’s time when you try to change things that have to be accepted. That is a good thing and allows for everyone to use their own moral responsibility to properly communicate with those who gave them a good life. While a pure gift of love is something that you hang on to regardless of circumstances and whether life’s troubles in the past were caused or noncontributory in nature, it seems to make no difference when it is family and that is something you can never escape from so why not make the best of it? You are appreciated and I can follow my family from friends better than on a machine. Long days and pleasant evenings with the best of health for you and your loved ones, always. Kevin M. Callihan, Sr., Athens, OH, USA.

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