This corporation and history of changes in ownership and visions of different leads.

I was curious if someone knew without review by a machine? Thank you for your assistance. I have the true Cavalier from a CC wooden 001My hope involved whether or not any of the people who excel at the Chris Craft Corporation recalled such an emblem above the chrome symbol and sign of Chris * Craft … CAVALIER which appears to be a triangle with circular surrounds and it could be just a sticker only and nothing related to the CCC history while the Cavalier is authentic without a doubt or knowing the metal container that has a latch which is not designed to be locked could be for many reasons. I use it for my important books of reference. As an afterthought, a dear friend who passed last year on Valentine’s Day several months before offered as what was considered an honor to sell me a very nice ‘Uncle Henry’ SHRADE KNIFE which is out of its’ leather covering.  My curiosity went two directions. I owned a 33′ CC Cavalier that a 1965 model and had twin 327 c.i. engines and a beautifully stained stateroom. The boat however was not double plank mahogany but a composite form of a mixture of fibers and plywood someway pressed together which was offered as an explanation from father.  Please feel welcome to comment. I have been a Chris Craft boat lover with emphasis on the Roamer division from 1955, the date of my birth to 1977, the date I began law school.  What a coincidence?  Thank you for following up if you are aware of any further information on either of the 3 items; the Cavalier symbol that I vouch for, the thoughts that come back gracefully of the kindness of fellow boaters regardless of the manufacturer while growing up near the Ohio rever and be aware that wooden boat lovers are often times excellent artists with oil paints.

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