boop beep BEEP

BOOP BEEP beep IMG_6755 Neil Young said I work for me when a heckler interruped himIMG_6756so these flowers were taken by me today alone while they continue to propagate the neuron strikes of beauty in my mind and that matters most.  If you are not friends with yourself, step back and be patient, as what was will in some form come back to you.  And I believe that as never a constant but something likely to exist in my life but I could never speak for another.  So …Long Days and Pleasant Evenings with the best of health within you and your loved ones, always via a geometry that may be operative but it certainly acts as a subjective way to be a strategy architech who avoids a guilty conscience.  Today my nickname is ‘Run’ as people I know are purposely and knowingly avoiding the inevitable.  If only for a minute, the entire matter that is not at all important yet is a part of a series within a section of some words I try to connect, it is fun and helpful …*’many times I use what is already on this screen as though the part or character of plays a story-teller while in the police department in “THE USUAL SUSPECTS”, so smile and may your countenance , uh Count!  Kevin  

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